Since 2010 solar PV has become the preferred renewable technology to install, thanks to the government’s Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) scheme, exceptional reliability and minimal cost-of-ownership.

Although FIT payments have been reduced, it still makes sense if you can use all or most the electricity you generate, rather than export it back to the grid.
The two products that can help you do that are immersion heater controllers such as the Solar iBoost, or battery charging systems such as the Tesla Powerwall.

We offer a two-year insurance backed workmanship warranty on our installations.

Watch us installing


Panels are mounted on aluminium frames, attached to the roof using stainless steel anchors fixed to the rafters. The anchors sit under the tiles and support the PV array.

Single black PV panels mounted on-roof (above tile) on a slate roof.

Panels sit in plastic trays fixed to the roof battens. The tiles sit neatly around the panels making the final installation more aesthetically pleasing.

Triple black PV panels mounted in-roof (tile integrated) on a slate roof.