If you already own a Solar Hot Water system, we offer servicing, repairs and preventative maintenance contracts. Our knowledge is based on many years’ experience of servicing and repairing a wide variety of systems from many different suppliers. We can advise, maintain, repair and restore malfunctioning or broken solar systems. If your system has stopped working, we will provide an assessment and recommend modifications to design or setup when necessary. Sometimes we are asked to inspect systems that have been badly specified, poorly installed and usually not working. All to often, the installer has gone bust, but we do our very best to get the system working as it was meant to.

Top Tips

  • Solar fluid should be changed every 3 to 5 years otherwise the system will start to lose protection from the corrosion inhibitors. The fluid can become acidic causing pitting and pin holes and the antifreeze effectiveness is reduced.
  • Check the system pressure gauge every month. It shouldn’t drop below 0.5bar. This is the number one indication that there is a problem with your system.
  • At the end of March March, change the boiler hot water timing to just once per day (from 16:00 to 17:00) and on the next sunny day turn the boiler off to confirm that the solar system is actually heating the water.
We service and repair all makes of systems including those supplied by:-

Advanced Solar, AES, Affordable Solar Energy, Amk, Baxi, Barilla, Calpak, Consolar, Daimler Benz (Sunda), Filsol, Genersys, Ideal Solar Energy, Imagination Solar, Intersol, Kingspan, Kloben, Navitron, Nu-Heat, Rayotec, Riomay, Ritter, Roth, Schott, Simplee Solar, Solfex, Solarsave, Solarsol, Solar Focus, Solar Home Energy, Solar Twin, Sonnencraft, Spectrum Energy, Sunsystems, Sunuser, Suntech, Streibel, Solar Fusion, Solar Plus, Solartechnik, Smart Energy, Skyreach, Schuco, Thermomax, TiSun, Ultimate Energy, Valliant, Viessmann, Vockera, Viridian, Worcester Bosh, Wolf, Zen.