Nesting Chicken

Clear away leaves behind the heat pump, but do wait until the chicken has finished with them!

Outdoor unit airflow

Don't put a solid fence around your heat pump.

Outdoor fan unit

Poor quality steels are sometimes used but they rust.

Mitsubishi heat pump

Indoor grade (grey) insulation fitted.

Dream pool heat pump

Chinese heat pump rusts and dies.

Fault Codes

Most heat pumps tell you whats wrong.

Mitsubishi Zubadan

Replacing power board that runs the compressor.

ESP Ecocent

If you don't replace the sacrificial anode every year the cylinder will leak.

Plant room

Heat pump installations can use a lot of wall space.


This needs cleaning every year or the heat pump may shut down.

Daikin High Temperature

Packaged cylinder and second stage compressor.

Flow gauge

It's only 20l/min, should be 30l/min!

Samsung heat pump

Monobloc remotely sited, better to use a split system instead.

Samsung heat pump

It's pretty well hidden but needs more air.

Heat Pump Repairs
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