You can get paid for installing renewable energy systems provided you use an MCS registered installer.

The RHI scheme is for heating systems such as Heat pumps and solar hot water systems. The FIT is for electricity producing systems such as PV and wind turbines.


The Renewable Heat Incentive government scheme pays you for installing Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump systems, provided you use a MCS approved installer and MCS approved products. It aims to provide a financial incentive to make the transition from oil or LPG heating systems to more sustainable renewable energy heating systems.


The Domestic RHI

You will be eligible if your home is insulated to the current standards. You can also claim for a new build property if it is classed as a self-build.

Air Source Heat Pump payments are 10.02 pence per kWh (capped at 20,000 kWh per year) and paid for seven years. On average this is worth around £7,000 up to a maximum of £ 14,000.

Solar thermal system payments are 19.51 pence per kWh. On average this is worth between £1,500 to £2,500 over seven years.


The Feed in Tariff, perhaps better described as a generation tariff, pays 4.04p for every kWh a typical domestic system generates. Plus, you will be allowed to use the electricity you produce, saving money on your bill. What’s more, you’ll be paid to export your electricity – an additional 4.85p for half of what you generate. The scheme is not just a flash in the pan either, the payments are guaranteed by the Government for 20 years and an array on an un- shaded, south facing roof can generate a rate of return of over 10%. Even better news is that the returns are tax free and rise in line with RPI. More details can be found on the Energy Savings Trust and DECC websites.

The Government continues to support renewable energy take-up as it seeks to achieve goals set by the EU for CO2 reduction.

The incentives are in the form of financial returns over the first seven years for RHI, or twenty years for FIT.

This money can only be accessed by using companies like ourselves who have been MCS accredited, ensuring that you will have the best possible equipment fitted by properly trained installers.